Mission Nuestra Señora del Refugio

Founded: 1762

Status:  Archaeological site

Mission Nuestra Señora del Refugio was the final Spanish mission built in Texas.  It was founded in February 1793 near the present day town of Long Mott .  It did not do well in that location, and was moved to Mosquitos Creek in June 1794, and then to its final location on the Mission River in January 1795.

Most of the buildings were completed by 1799.  The church and a blacksmith shop were built of stone, while the other buildings were adobe.  It is believed there was a proctive stockade to defend against Comanche attacks.

Mexico won independence from Spain in 1821.  The mission was shut down in 1830, and quickly fell into ruins.  The mission was the site of a battle during the Texas Revolution in 1836, further hastening the destruction of the buildings.

One corner of the mission church lies under the foundation of Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church in Refugio, Refugio County, Texas.