Mission San Antonio de Senecú

Founded: 1682

Status:  Nothing significant remains; the location has been lost

Location:  Unknown, but in the vicinity of El Paso

Like Mission Corpus Christi de la Ysleta, the Senecú mission was founded by refugees fleeing from the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico.

Piro Indians from the Senecú Pueblo (south of Albuquerque, New Mexico) settled several leagues downriver from Guadalupe del Paso and a little northwest of the Tigua Indians of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.  The mission was dedicated to San Antonio de Padua.

In 1683 the missions in the El Paso area were reorganized, and Senecú may have been moved.  Records show that in 1744, the community was made up of 70 families.

The mission was located near the Rio Grande and was flooded several times.  It was probably destroyed when the Rio Grande changed course early in the 19th century.

Historical Marker Text


Approximate site of the mission and pueblo of

San Antonio de Senecú

Established by Don Antonio de Otermin and Father Fray Francisco Ayeta O.F.M.  in 1682.  Maintained by Franciscan missionaries for the civilizing and Christianizing of the Piro and Tompiro Indians.

Erected by the State of Texas 1936.