Mission San Ildefonso

Founded: 1746

Status:  Nothing significant remains

Mission San Indefonso was the second of three missions built on the San Gabriel river, then known as the San Xavier.  The others were Mission San Francisco Xavier de Horcasitas and Mission Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria del Cañón.

Drought and disease plagued the San Xavier missions, which were abandoned in 1755 after one of the padres was murdered by a soldier.

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Site of the

Mission San Ildefonso

Established by the Franciscan missionaries in 1749 with the hope of civilizing and Christianizing the Coco, Mayey, Orcoquiza, KaranKawa, and other tribes of Indians. The martyrdom of Padre Jose Ganzabal and the circumstances connected therewith caused the departure of the Indians and the friars and the removal of the mission to the San Marcos River in 1755. Reestablished in 1762 on the Nueces River for the conversions of the Lipan Apaches with the new name of Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz.

Erected by the State of Texas (1936)