Mission Santa Cruz de San Sabá

Founded: 1757

Status:  Archaeological site

Mission Santa Cruz de San Sabá was founded in 1757 to serve the Lipan Apache Indians.

In March, 1758 it was attacked by 2,000 Comanches, and was destroyed.

The garrison at the nearby Real Presidio de San Sabá was itself besieged, and unable to come to the aid of the mission.

Historical Marker Text

Site of

Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba

Founded among the Lipan Apache Indians by Franciscan missionaries in 1757 through the financial aid of the Count of Regla.  Sacked and left in ruins by the Comanches in 1758.  Here perished Padre Alonso Giraldo de Terreros and José Santiesteban, martyrs to the Christian cause.